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Jacksonville Jaguars top 25 plays of 2014: Cecil Shorts' passing TD

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We're counting down the 25 best plays of 2014. Who made it to No. 6? Cecil Shorts and his passing touchdown against the Texans.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

As late as Week 17, even with a 3-12 record, the Jacksonville Jaguars were fighting for every inch, every point they could grab.

Visiting the Houston Texans late in the season, the Jaguars were trailing. They forced a fumble through great coverage and tenacious defensive line play...

...and then decided that the play after, with the Texans defense off-balance, would be a good time to run a trick play that reversed field. Running back Jordan Todman slipped out of the backfield unnoticed and Cecil Shorts III ended his Jaguars career with a game where he got to throw a touchdown.

Does Shorts' throw deserve to be in the Top 25 for 2014? Let us know in the comments below!