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T.J. Yeldon sprains finger on left hand at Jaguars scrimmage

Late in Saturday night's scrimmage T.J. Yeldon left the field with an injury to his left hand, but tests came back showing just a finger sprain.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars walked away from their Saturday night scrimmage at EverBank Field relatively injury-free, except for a late scare to rookie T.J. Yeldon.

Yeldon hit his hand on the helmet of backup linebacker Jeremiah George and had to be taken into the locker room for tests. He came back quickly, however, and watched the rest of the scrimmage from the sidelines.

Initially, the fear was that something could be broken in his left hand, but when Gus Bradley took the podium for post-scrimmage questions, he addressed those fears:

"No [broken bones in his hand], he’s good. Should be good. They said a sprain."

A finger sprain still hurts and could cause Yeldon to miss a little practice time, but it's a fraction of the pain and potential sideline that Yeldon could have if he'd suffered a broken hand.