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Thursday Q&A: Why haven't the Jaguars traded for a pass rusher?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's Thursday Q&A column ahead of their season opener! We hope you enjoy it.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are days (mere hours!) away from kicking off their regular season against the Carolina Panthers and we're sure you have questions. So let's get to it.

Every Thursday check back and see if your question made it. And if you want to submit a question for next week, ask here!

Kris from Fernandina Beach, FL

Q: What are the chances of us seeing Denard Robinson or even Nick Marshall as a wildcat option this season?

A: Slim-to-none. Jedd Fisch leaned heavily on his cute flip-around formations and sometimes on the wildcat in his two season as Jags offensive coordinator, but I believe Olson is much more fundamental -- he builds his offense around the barebones players at his disposal. Robinson will absorb further into a standard running back role in his third year, and Marshall will remain a backup cornerback with some special teams potential.

Kyle from Fairfax, VA

Q: Are we adding players last-minute for our pass rush?

A: I highly doubt it, unless the Jaguars make an unpredictable (by my standards) move to sign Aldon Smith. There simply aren't quality edge rushers left on the market, and the Jaguars seem to have a belief that what they have on the is better than what is actually on the market. Branch is still on the active 53-man roster despite being out for likely more than a month, so it seems set in stone they enter the season with three LEOs.

Eric from Boise, ID

Q: Why haven't the Jaguars traded for Kam Chancellor yet? I understand the cost, but Johnathan Cyprien and a first-round or second-round pick isn't too much for a Pro Bowl safety.

A: Because Kam isn't going anywhere and neither is this line of thinking.

Alan from Aurora, IL

Q: So far, which offseason addition has impressed you the most? And which do you predict will have the biggest impact going forward?

A: Jeremy Parnell, by far. Parnell has brought every bit of his bully attitude with him from the Cowboys to the Jaguars roster, showcasing strength and sturdiness in the preseason. It's not unreasonable, at this point, to label Parnell as the strongest part of the Jaguars offensive line. It's an impressive feat, considering he didn't even start the majority of games for the Cowboys lasts season.

Brian from Palm Coast, FL

Q: Is there a chance that Corey Grant will get any snaps throughout the season? He's a speedy back and he got me pumped up when I watched him play in the preseason game against Washington.

A: I am pretty confident they do try to give him some carries, maybe 1-2 a game. He has a home run ability that no other back on the roster, even Denard, can rival.

London from Houston, TX

Q: Do you think the defensive line will be fine without Sen'Derrick Marks?

A: "Fine" is a pretty subjective phrase. Will they be passable by most standards? Sure. They still have good players in Jared Odrick, Ryan Davis, and Roy Miller. They even have some youth in Chris Smith and Michael Bennett. But ultimately, I think this unit (and the defense as a whole) take a step back this season until Marks is back in the lineup.

Dave from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Did I hear somewhere, or do you guys know if they're bringing back the fly over? I seem to remember some talks of that. I'll hang up and listen. Keep up the good work, fellas. Shad bless.

A: Oh, you heard right. The Jaguars will have two F-15's flying over EverBank at kickoff. Get excited, Dave.

Brian from Tampa, FL

Q: How much of a role do you think Rashad Greene will play Week 1 with Marqise Lee being out?

A: Greene is the starting slot receiver, and I think he'll see quite a bit of time in passing situations this weekend. From what I can tell, Greg Olson likes to fluctuate between two tight ends and 11-personnel sets based on the players he has at his disposal. With Julius Thomas sidelined, I think he'll utilize a slot receiver quite a bit against the Panthers on Sunday. Look for Greene on third down.

The Grind from Jacksonville, FL

Q: We're winning Week 1, right?

A: Yup. 24-21.