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The We Khan Do It! shirt has arrived in time for the season

Now you can support Khan just like you support the Jaguars.

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't had a rock star on their time like owner Shad Khan since... well ever, that I can think of. Ever since Khan took over ownership of the Jaguars, even with the poor record on the field, a sense of  optimism has swept through Jaguars fans. Khan seems to have that brash mentality that a lot of the younger generation of Jaguars fans seem to have, and it fits right in.

It's not just with the Jaguars organization however, as Khan seems to have taken his can-do attitude to the city of Jacksonville itself, from OneSpark, to the Laura Street Trio project to the Shipyard proposals. It's invigorating the fanbase and the community.

Our friends over at BreakingT have put together a new t-shirt design capturing the iconic image of Khan and the mentality he's seemingly instilled across not only Jaguars fans, but Jacksonville as a whole.


I'll be ordering one this afternoon, you can pick up your own here.