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Jaguars vs. Panthers: Game balls for Jacksonville

The Jaguars lost to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. We hand out our game balls.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars trailed the Carolina Panthers 10-9 on Sunday heading into halftime, after a missed extra point by Jason Myers. It seemed like the Jaguars were in position to keep the game close in the second half and possibly grind out a win with momentum swinging their way, but it all fell apart in the second half.

But, anyway, we still have some game balls to hand out this week.

Offensive game ball

I'm going to give it to rookie running back T.J. Yeldon. Yeldon left a lot to be desired in his preseason debut against the Detroit Lions, but on Sunday he showed glimpses of being that back everyone thought he was going to be. He only had 51 yards on 12 carries, but he showed enough to make you feel pretty confident he will start to pick up chunks and chunks of yardage going forward. He also showed some nice things catching the ball out of the backfield.

Defensive game ball

The game ball on the defensive side has got to go to Chris Clemons. A guy a lot of people talked themselves into being comfortable cutting this offseason because he showed up late to training camp, Clemons was consistently putting pressure on Cam Newton, sacking him early in the game, picking up another tackle for loss and swatting a pass.

It was arguably Paul Posluszny's best game as a member of the Jaguars, but Clemons showed why it was smart for the Jaguars to keep him on Sunday so he's getting my game ball.

Special teams game ball

Special teams game ball is uh, well... I don't want to give one. Special teams were bad. There was a long return given up to Ted Ginn Jr.