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Pro Football Focus grades Zane Beadles as best player on Jaguars offense

Pro Football Focus graded Zane Beadles as the best overall player on the Jaguars' offense in the 20-9 loss to Carolina... and they're right.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars had a number of inconsistent individual performances on offense against the Carolina Panthers, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that a quarterback, a wide receiver, or a tight end wasn't graded out as the best player by Pro Football Focus.

What should come as a surprise is that Pro Football Focus believed Zane Beadles had the best individual performance of anyone.

"But how? Didn't the left side of the line look terrible," I ask myself.

Yes, the left side of the line looked no good in my opinion. But after re-watching parts of the game, the blame falls on left tackles Luke Joeckel and Sam Young.

Joeckel did not play well. He wasn't, and isn't, mentally or physically strong enough to play left tackle -- a key part to every offensive line. Joeckel wasn't terrible, but he wasn't good. That's how I see it. And when Sam Young entered the game, it certainly made Joeckel "look good" by comparison, but that doesn't mean Joeckel is good. Don't get the two confused.

But let's get to Zane Beadles. Certainly seeing pressure coming from the left side didn't look good on Beadles. However, PFF gave him the highest rating out of all the offensive players: +3.3.

The offense as a whole averaged out at a near-awful rating: -1.9.

When I went back and watched the game again, I closely monitored Beadles' performance. He looks much better and more comfortable than he did last year, and looks to have improved his pass blocking, in which he received a score of 1.4, as well as his run blocking, where he posted a rating of 2.2. Add in the fact that Beadles didn't let up a single sack, and it's not so surprising why he was named the best performance of the game.

These scores are significantly better than his last year's average pass block and run block scores, which were 0.5 and -0.6, respectively.

Yes, it's just one game, and Beadles may flop on Sunday against the Dolphins, or any team for that matter. But you can't look at those numbers without being impressed by Beadles.

Who knows? Maybe the haters were wrong. Maybe Zane Beadles could just be the anchor of the offensive line as he was brought in to be. Through Week 1, it looks encouraging.