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Blake Bortles: "It's like kindergartners saying something to college kids"

After last week's 20-9 loss to the Panthers, fans and the media were blaming the play calling on why the team performed so poorly. Blake Bortles wants you to know that's silly.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Many Jacksonville Jaguars fans were critical of the team’s offensive play calling in Sunday’s 20-9 loss to the Carolina Panthers. After all, the Jaguars were one of two teams to score single digits on opening weekend (the Minnesota Vikings were the other) so fans frustration quickly grew and manifested itself as vitriol towards offensive coordinator Greg Olson, head coach Gus Bradley and quarterback Blake Bortles.

"I think it’s unbelievably hard," Bortles said at a Wednesday press conference when asked how difficult play calling was. "For me it would be a lot of ‘all go’s would probably be the easiest call and you can do a lot of things off of that."

"It's like kindergartners saying something to college kids," Bortles responded when asked about fan’s criticism about offensive play calling in Sunday’s loss.

This quote immediately was met with people being upset that their starting quarterback seemed to suddenly turn heel and call them all idiots.

That’s not really the point Bortles was making, though, if you think about it. He's not saying fans are idiots, he's just trying to describe how difficult it could be to grasp the complexities of the entire game plan and what adjustments were made to counter the opponent.

"I think it’s unbelievably hard to appreciate," Bortles went on to say. "You talk all the time about coaches in the stands at any sport at any level it’s going to happen. Knowing [Greg Olson] and knowing what he goes through on a week and how much he prepares he’s got us ready and a perfect plan each week."

What Bortles is saying here is that he was bad, not the play calling. It wasn’t the play calling’s fault, and for the most part it really wasn’t. While one could complain they didn’t run the ball enough, situations dictate passing the ball more on certain occasions and if you really breakdown the plays on Sunday, the team was pretty balanced.

Anyway, a lot of people are going to be upset about Bortles' comments for the wrong reason and it’s hilarious.