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Jaguars vs. Dolphins: Live blog for Week 2 at EverBank Field

The Jaguars are hosting the Dolphins in Week 2 at EverBank Field. Follow along with our live blog and join our discussion leading up to the game, during, and recap all the news after.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting the Miami Dolphins in Week 2 and a lot is riding on this game. It's not simply about preventing a third straight 0-2 start for head coach Gus Bradley, but Weeks 3 and 4 are on the road against the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts. A loss today would mean a likely 0-4 start.

Can Blake Bortles bring back his preseason magic? Can the receivers catch the ball at pivotal points? Will the defense continue to play at a high level?


How to watch the game

Here's everything you need to know to watch, listen to, and stream the Jaguars vs. Dolphins game.

Live blog

7:39 PM: The Jaguars won! The Jaguars won! I can't feel my face! The Jaguars won!


4:58 PM: We need pictures, IMO.

4:32 PM: The Week 2 Jaguars are up 10-3 and have now outscored the Week 1 Jaguars.

4:18 PM: Jaguars open the scoring! I repeat -- the Jaguars opened the scoring!

2:16 PM: *eyes emoji*

1:24 PM: A Dolphins fan showed up at the Bold City Brigade tailgate. Welcome!

12:30 PM: Newly signed Jared Odrick has a message for his former team.

11:00 AM: You have less than four hours to get to a bar if you live outside of Florida. Do it. DO IT.

8:49 AM: All-white uniforms for the Jaguars today. Clean af, iwbh.

8:45 AM: Check out a new column we've got at Big Cat Country -- examining the offensive success rate for each week.