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Week 2 Fat Cat Award: Jared Odrick

Introducing the Big Cat Country Fat Cat Award -- recognizing big guys making big plays for the Jaguars.

Typically I would hand out game balls for the previous game today, but looking around the World Wide Web, I noticed game balls are kind of a bland award.

The new rage is rewarding the unheralded big guys (not Ryback, he is bad). There's the Piesman Trophy that SB Nation is now doing and Stephen White gives out his Hoss Of The Week awards. So, I thought to myself as a fat guy, I too, would like to recognize the big guys.

So I am happy to introduce the Big Cat Country Fat Cat Award. Each week, I’ll hand out the award to one of the big uglies in the trenches for the Jacksonville Jaguars. It may not be the person with the best stat line or who made the best plays, but someone who made an impact in my eyes on the field.

So, the inaugural winner of the award for 2015 is going to be defensive lineman Jared Odrick.

Odrick meshed together a nice stat line and having a general overall impact on the game. As he said, it was personal for him going against the team who saw it fit to let him walk in free agency and he made them pay for it. Odrick was a nuisance most of the game, but in the second half he began taking advantage of the Dolphins offensive tackle filling in for Branden Albert.

He capped off the day with a sack that forced a fumble nearly recovered for a safety or touchdown, as well as batting a pass in the end zone.

Jared Odrick is your Fat Cat for Week 2.