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Blake Bortles: 'I’m playing against the New England defense and that’s all I am worried about'

Blake Bortles faces the toughest test of his young career as he prepares to face Bill Belichick in New England.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

As Blake Bortles continues his weeklong preparations for the most intimidating challenge of his young NFL career, he remains pokerfaced and collected.

Bortles didn't exhibit any abnormal enthusiasm at the podium on Wednesday, but he admitted he and his teammates were excited about the opportunity to face the Super Bowl champs.

"We're going to face this game the same way we did Carolina and Miami. We get an opportunity to go play again, it just so happens to be playing the world champions at their place so it's awesome. I think it's a cool opportunity."

When asked if he was beyond the point of it being surreal going up against a Bill Belichick defense, Blake responded "definitely."

On the other end of the country, Bill Belichick spent some time this morning talking with Jacksonville media on a conference call.

The Patriots head coach spoke about Bortles' strengths in Greg Olson's offense.

"He's able to make plays in critical situations - third down, two minute - and then he's able to make plays when he has a chance to get the ball down the field," said Belichick. "We saw a couple of those last week with (Allen) Robinson."

Belichick pointed out Bortles' natural ability to make plays with his feet, and Olson's knack for moving skill players around to confuse a defense.

"There really is a lot we have to defend. They do a good job."

Bill Belichick wrapped up his conference call by dissecting each of the Jaguars' young receivers, and how they're able to execute on all areas of the field.

"They can go deep, they're good intermediate players and they're dangerous on catch-and-run plays. They're hard to tackle, and Lee is particularly elusive. He's had some very explosive plays in college, and he's hard guy to tackle and get on the ground."

Meanwhile, Blake Bortles ended his media availability with a question asking him to compare himself to elite quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

"I don't think you can," Blake responded. "Those guys are some of the greatest that have ever played the game. I'm not playing against Tom Brady, I'm playing against the New England defense and that's all I am worried about and that's all we are worried about as an offense, is how do we execute and put up points on their defense."