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Thursday Q&A: How can the Jaguars slow down the Patriots offense?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's Thursday Q&A column! We hope you enjoy it.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars (finally) got a win in September under Gus Bradley, Jason Myers made us all forget about Josh Scobee, and injuries are still plaguing this team.

Let's get to the questions!

Josh from New Vegas, NCR

Q: It's Saturday, September 19th at 2:10am. I'm going to guess that Ndamukong Suh either stepped on T.J. Yeldon after the play or kicked Blake Bortles in the the crotch. Was I right?

A: You'd be wrong on both accounts, not because Suh didn't want to, but because the Jaguars had a very good scheme for neutralizing Suh. They double-teamed him, slid protections around, and ran away from him. It also didn't hurt that Suh ignored his coach's defensive line calls too.

James from West Liberty, KY

Q: Is it pessimistic or just being realistic that I'm already chalking Sunday up as a loss? I just find it hard to believe that we will be able to slow Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski or win in a shoot out. Thoughts?

A: I think pessimism implies you're seeing the worst in every situation, and I don't think that's what's happening when you look at how the Jaguars stack up against the Patriots. The Jaguars have the largest point spread of Week 13 (they're 13.5-point underdogs) and they're playing in Foxborough. It's not pessimism to think we'll likely lose. But all that said, stranger things have happened in the NFL. After all, who would have thought the Indianapolis Colts would be 0-2?

Max from Ponte Vedra, FL

Q: With Rashad Greene out until November, who are you expecting to step up and fill in for punt returner and the No. 4 wide receiver and what are your expectations for them?

A: I think we'll get a look at several players over the next six weeks at punt returner. Gus Bradley said he was looking at Corey Grant, Nick Marshall, and Bryan Walters -- who's going to be filling in for the No. 4 receiver. My expectations are no fumbles on the returns and to catch the balls thrown to him. I don't have a high bar for my fourth-string wide receiver.

Samuel from Sanford, FL

Q: With Denard Robinson's injury, could and should Jacksonville bring back Storm Johnson?

A: Could they? Yeah. Should they? No. If he's not good enough to make 31 other teams (some of which are worse at the running back position than we are) then why would I think he'd be a good option for us? He was disappointing in the preseason and I don't trust him in game situations to see running lanes or catch the ball. I think we might have seen our last Storm Warning this preseason.

Adam from Tallahassee, FL

Q: How big is the loss of Denard Robinson? Is there anyone on the roster we can expect to fill his shoes as a quality change of pace option?

A: It's not gigantic but it'll affect Yeldon's touches. Obviously, with Denard sidelined 2-4 weeks, it presents a short-term opportunity for Yeldon to collect more on-field time. It seems as though the Jaguars were heading in this direction anyway, as Greg Olson mentioned a couple days ago that Yeldon is ready for an increased workload. As for a change of pace option, yes, I believe Corey Grant and Bernard Pierce can step in for situational snaps.

Johnny from Brooklyn, NY

Q: Agree or disagree, only shot at winning this game is to keep Tom Brady off the field by winning time of possession and running the ball?

A: Disagree. Your plan is fundamentally sound, perhaps, but the only way in hell the Jaguars are going to win this game (I guess there's a chance) is by scoring. And scoring opportunities for the Jaguars will probably come from explosive plays, like we saw last week. Keeping Tom Brady off of the field is definitely a great idea, but Tom Brady will score -- no matter how much on-field time he has.

Alan from Aurora, IL

Q: How can the Jaguars slow down the Patriots offense?

A: You might expect a reasonable answer here to be "pressure Tom Brady," which is undoubtedly very important. The problem is, even when Brady is uncomfortable, he finds a way to make plays in an offense full of weapons. In reality, the Jaguars are going to have to lock up Brady's options in the passing game to have any shot at slowing the Patriots' offense down. Tom Brady threw 59 times last week. 59 times. The Jags need to somehow take away Gronkowski, take away Edelman, and play extremely disciplined and then maybe the Patriots won't be able to walk down the field as easily. It'll be a great test for the defense.