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Big Cat Country arcade: Bradley Bash

Take control of your head coach and find a way to grab 7 wins, helping the team and community get better every day in the process. Do you believe in victory?

(If the game is choppy/slow, click here to play in new window)

One week ago, introduced a digital fan engagement platform called "Jaguars Arcade." Within the online arcade, the Jaguars released their first team-branded video game ever, called "Duval Dash."

I had a blast playing Duval Dash. It's set up as an old fashioned 8-bit scrolling game where you take command of Jaxson de Ville and journey around downtown Jacksonville collecting coins. If you haven't played it yet, you can here.

The thing is, I didn't think the game was realistic enough. Sure, it's a lot of pointless fun for the casual fans, but I felt like it was whiffing on an opportunity to make a greater impact on the hardcore Jaguars gaming community.

I also sucked at it.

Nonetheless, Duval Dash inspired me. If the Jaguars' media team can take on the task of building a video game, why shouldn't a Jaguars weblog be able to do the same thing?

It was with this idea in mind that I took to YouTube to watch 20 minutes of tutorials and gather some ideas for a video game that would appeal to us, the real fans. I spent literally minutes combining cutting-edge virtual physics and attention-grabbing storylines to create a digital masterpiece that could go toe-to-toe with Duval Dash.

I present to you the game we really want -- Bradley Bash.

In Bradley Bash, you take control of our head coach and help him complete tasks in order to uncover wins and opportunities to get better every day.

Throughout your digital journey, you're faced with several challenges...

You encounter some new friends, as well as some old enemies...

And you face some hard-hitting, reoccurring storylines...

Give it a go! (Doesn't work on mobile yet)

This game, of course, is not affiliated with the Jacksonville Jaguars or the NFL in any way. Or UncleChaps. I promise. I mean, you can hardly call it a game. All music/artwork is original.