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Jaguars vs. Patriots: Live blog for Week 3 at Gillette Stadium

The Jaguars are traveling to play the Patriots in Week 3 of the NFL at Gillette Stadium Field. Follow along with our live blog and join our discussion leading up to the game, during, and recap all the news after.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are playing the New England Patriots in Week 3 at Gillette Stadium.

Can Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson continue their momentum from last week's victory over the Miami Dolphins? How will Toby Gerhart do in his debut? Can the defense get some pressure on Tom Brady?


How to watch the game

Here's everything you need to know to watch, listen to, and stream the Jaguars vs. Patriots game.

Live blog

4:30 PM: Goodnight, everyone.

4:01 PM: Hey! A tight end touchdown! That makes the game 51-17. It's like the weird, sad, bastard child score of an Arena Football League and NFL game.

3:57 PM: The Patriots just scored their 50th point against us.

3:10 PM: TOUCHDOWN JACKSONVILLE! Blake Bortles to Allen Hurns for a 59-yard catch-and-run. He beat Malcolm Butler on the route. Only down 30-10.


2:43 PM: That's not good, Kevin! No it's not, Rich!

2:42 PM: Halftime about over. This game isn't close. It was never going to be close. Literally everything had to go against the Patriots and everything had to go the Jaguars' way. BREAKING: That hasn't happened. Sit back and treat the second half like a preseason games. Look for individual performances. Watch how Blake Bortles responds to his interception. Follow Telvin Smith around the defense. Watch Allen Robinson.

2:39 PM: Here's Tom Brady's 400th career touchdown. It came against the Jaguars. I'm going to go throw up.

2:19 PM: And 2014 Blake Bortles makes an appearance against the Patriots.

2:06 PM: Not pass interference. Davon House played the ball very, very well.

1:18 PM: A pass to a tight end!

1:14 PM: Patriots RB Dion Lewis with an easy 8-yard touchdown.

12:15 PM: Your Week 3 CBS TV viewing map. Thanks, Florida!

11:32 AM: *stops breathing into a paper bag*

10:32 AM: The important news, tbh.

7:49 AM: Here are the final injury reports leading up to Week 3.

7:30 AM: While you're waiting for the game, check out our homemade arcade game -- BRADLEY BASH!