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Did the Patriots loss change your Jaguars season expectations?

With the blowout loss at the hands of the Patriots, have your expectations for the Jaguars season changed at all?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Monday after a loss is usually much worse than the day of the actual loss, because then people start thinking about everything rather than drawing off pure emotion. The Jacksonville Jaguars got their doors blown off by the New England Patriots on Sunday 51-17 in a game most everyone assumed they would lose. Maybe not lose how they lost, but it was going to be a notch in the loss column regardless.

So did how the Jaguars lost change what your expectations for the season were? Do you think they'll win less? More?

My expectations heading into 2015 were somewhere around six to eight wins. I had always counted Sunday's matchup with the New England Patriots as one for the loss column. So, sitting right at 1-2 heading into Week 4 doesn't change a whole lot for me.

The way the Jaguars lost didn't change much for me, either. It did hammer home a belief that Gus Bradley probably isn't the answer at head coach. That will be delved into on another day, but Sunday's lost pretty much sealed that for me.

As far as the season goes, though, I still think the Jaguars end up with six to eight wins.