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Gus Bradley: "It was a legal formation."

With an early touchdown within reach, the referees called a red zone catch by Marcedes Lewis back on an illegal formation. But was it really a penalty?

In the middle of the second quarter, with the Jacksonville Jaguars down 10-0 to the New England Patriots, Jacksonville was putting together a decent drive. A Marcedes Lewis catch-and-juke gave the Jaguars a first-and-goal on the 3-yard line and a close game was within reach.

But an illegal formation penalty was called that brought them back.

Here's the pre-snap formation below:

This isn't a penalty and Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said as much after the game:

"It was a legal formation. I talked to the official on the side and it was a legal formation."

After another penalty on the ensuing third-and-15, Jason Myers gets the Jaguars on the board and it's 10-3.

Yes, it's frustrating, but even with a Jaguars touchdown, the Patriots would have run away with this game. Still, a 10-7 game in the middle of the second quarter might have helped prevent this one from snowballing the way it did.

Or maybe life is a meaningless nightmare of suffering. Who knows, right?