Gus needs to win 6 games this season or else

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I thought I would repost it and attempt to make my points clearer. Below is a list of all the teams (since 1980) that had 4 or more consecutive seasons where they won less than 6 games. Listed are the years, the coaches and their records.

Before the season began, people wanted to keep Gus for at least four seasons, some even argued that he should be allowed a fifth season to see the rebuild all the way through. As you can see from the above numbers, Gus Bradley is extremely unlikely to find success if he cannot top 5 wins this season. The closest situations to Bradley's are the following:

Arizona: Joe Bugel had three consecutive sub-6-win seasons, then was fired after going 7-9 in 1993. He only head coached once again, a 4-12 season for Oakland in 1997.

Cincinnati: David Shula had three consecutive sub-6-win seasons, then went 7-9 in 1995 but was then fired in 1996 after starting 1-6.

Tampa Bay: Ray Perkins had three consecutive sub-6-win seasons and was then fired in 1990 after starting 5-8 (though the team finished with 6 wins).

As I said in the last post, if Gus does not achieve 6 wins this season, to expect him to get to 8 wins in 2016 (his 4th season here) is literally unprecedented. No coach has ever done this. David Shula went 7-9 in his 4th season and then was fired after starting 1-6 in his fifth season. I'm not sure how our roster compares to these other rosters, as far as our supposedly historic reboot of the roster is concerned, but these numbers are what they are.

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