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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Gus Bradley wants Blake Bortles to keep it simple

Gus Bradley wants his second-year quarterback to keep the offense simple, Allen Robinson is the X-factor against the Colts, and more team news for your Tuesday.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Gus Bradley to Blake Bortles: "Keep it simple." -
In the wake of Jacksonville's 51-17 loss to the New England Patriots last Sunday, head coach Gus Bradley said quarterback Blake Bortles needs to learn the importance of not making things overly complicated for himself and the offense.

Jacksonville Jaguars X-factor for Week 4: Allen Robinson -
The Jacksonville Jaguars are coming off a colossal loss to the New England Patriots heading into the team's first divisional matchup of the season. The good news is that Jacksonville is tied for the AFC South lead (with literally every team in the division) and the Indianapolis Colts look very, very beatable heading into Week 4.

Self-inflicted problems show how far Jaguars are behind elite teams -
It’s certainly not easy, but forget the fact the Jacksonville Jaguars lost 51-17 to the New England Patriots. That shouldn’t be used as a measuring stick of how much further the Jaguars have to go to just be competitive with the elite teams in the NFL. There are plenty of other things that are a much better indication of how far behind the franchise is.

Jaguars were always going to lose to Patriots, but not like that -
The Jaguars suffered the worst loss in franchise history, which should not be happening by Year 3.