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Bears trade rumors: Jaguars should call about Willie Young, Shea McClellin

It appears the Chicago Bears are having a fire sale of their roster, so the Jaguars should give them a call.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars still lack some pass rush and have taken a hit on defense, at least injury-wise. Defensive end Andre Branch is expected back at practice this week, but even so the pass rush is still a big issue for the Jaguars. It appears the Chicago Bears are having a fire sale on their roster, dumping players from the previous regime who don't fit their current system. The Bears sent veteran Jared Allen to the Carolina Panthers for a sixth-round pick and linebacker Jon Bostic to the New England Patriots for the same compensation.

If the Bears are dumping players and trying to load up on late round picks, Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell should give them a call. See what it would take to get someone like Willie Young or Shea McCellin.

Young, who signed with the Bears after taking a visit with the Jaguars in free agency in 2014, doesn't fit the Bears 3-4 defensive scheme and was a healthy scratch in Week 3, barely playing in the first two weeks of the season. Young is more a fit in the Jaguars defensive scheme as a LEO-type end than a stand up linebacker. His first season with Chicago playing as a down lineman he netted 10 sacks and looked like someone the Jaguars really missed out on. He clearly doesn't fit the Bears scheme and they're trying to compile late-round draft picks.

The other interesting player that could potentially be had for cheap is Shea McClellin, a former first-round pick drafted as a defensive end, but has been shifted all over the place on the Bears defense. McCellin is currently playing inside linebacker in their 3-4 front, but he seems like he'd be a perfect back up OTTO linebacker and someone who can be used on rush packages from the linebacker or end position. He's a free agent after the season and only 26-years old, so it's possible he can be had for a conditional 7th rounder or a 2017 conditional pick.

Will these moves happen? Probably not, but I think it's something worth looking into.