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Can the Jaguars beat the Colts?

You would think that getting destroyed 51-17 would be a bad thing, but it is actually good.

The was 69 pages of pictures to choose from. Nice.
The was 69 pages of pictures to choose from. Nice.
James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

In the summer of 1976, a little boy by the name of Blake Matthew Bortles was born in a small rural town in Nebraska. WIth barely a penny to spare, because his family was peach farmers in Nebraska, Bortles began playing semi professional football in Lincoln at the tender age of 8.

Asked about his experience playing for the Lincoln Logs, Bortles said, "It was a great chance to build something. We would stack a few things together each week almost like we were building a house. Things would collapse from time-to-time, but we learned from it."

That's exactly what the now 43 year old Bortles must do this week in Indianapolis, Mississippi. The Colts, Mississippi's only professional football team, have started 1-2, an embarrassing record for any professional team IMHO. The Colt's QB has been anything but *looks at the camera* Lucky so far this year.

The Colts are probably flying high after seeing the Jaguars get knocked out in New England faster than Rick Perry during his 12th bid at becoming President. Give it up, Rick. Your glasses look ridiculous.

Can the Jaguars *pounce* back? Hard to say but the two-toned helmets aren't exactly giving me much confidence.