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Thursday Q&A: What are realistic expectations for Jason Myers?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's Thursday Q&A column! We hope you enjoy it.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

With the Jacksonville Jaguars trading Josh Scobee to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL going after Justin Blackmon, and the preseason wrapping, we're sure you have questions.

Every Thursday check back and see if your question made it. And if you want to submit a question for next week, ask here!

Steven from Cocoa Beach, FL

Q: How is the tight end position looking behind Julius Thomas and Marcedes Lewis? Is Clay Harbor a lock? If so, who makes it behind him? Nic Jacobs? Ben Koyack?

A: Yes, I believe it's fair to say that Harbor is a lock. As for the No. 4 tight end, it makes sense to keep Nic Jacobs on the 53-man roster and put Ben Koyack on the practice squad. Both of these tight ends have attributes that the other doesn't, and both definitely have their flaws. But in Greg Olson's two-tight end packages, Nic Jacobs looks like a better in-line option to back up Marcedes. Koyack is more hybrid, and needs time to uncover a role and grow into it.

David from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Blake Bortles is pretty "bro" and uses words like "cool" and "awesome" a lot in his interviews. Should we be concerned? Also, have any "bro" quarterbacks ever won the Super Bowl? Thank you for addressing my concerns.

A: Brett. Favre.

Gabe from Washington D.C.

Q: What is a greater responsibility for the LEO? (After rushing the passer of course.) Is it pass coverage or run defending?

A: Definitely run-defending. A LEO will maybeeee drop into coverage a few times a game, if that much, but in reality they will be playing the run as much, or more, than they're even rushing the passer.

Joe from Sanford, FL

Q: What would it take for Storm Johnson to make it to the final roster? Do you think he will find a home elsewhere in the NFL if he doesn't make the cut?

A: Unless he puts on the performance of his life, I don't see any way it happens. Not only is he clearly behind T.J. Yeldon, Denard Robinson, Toby Gerhart, and Bernard Pierce, he also doesn't offer special teams value like Grant, and probably most damning, he just hasn't looked very good. He was a seventh-round pick so it is not like the NFL was ever jumping at the bit to grab him, but he did show the talent in college to prove he should have a spot somewhere. He just needs to show it in the NFL, and soon.

The U.S. Commerce Department from Washington D.C.

Q: Seriously?

A: Seriously.

Johnny from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What are realistic expectations for Jason Myers this season?

A: It would be realistic to expect Jason Myers to make around 75-80% of his field goals, just under NFL league average for attempts made last season. It's also realistic to expect Myers to miss a few field goals that NFL kickers should make, and it's realistic to expect people to overreact to these misses.

Collin from High Point, NC

Q: With Josh Scobee now traded, there are only three players left from the pre-Mike Mularkey era. Which player stays with the Jaguars the longest: Marcedes Lewis, Tyson Alualu or Paul Posluszny?

A: This is a tough one. Marcedes and Alualu seem to be thriving in their new roles tremendously, but Poz is loved by the coaching staff. None of them are on big deals, but if I had to pick, I'd (reluctantly) say Poz.

Alan from Aurora, IL

Q: What is the likelihood the Jaguars would actually move to St. Louis?

A: Zero.

Chad from St. Augustine, FL

Q: Luke Joeckel looked really bad against the Detroit Lions. I mean, he could get Blake Bortles creamed and hurt bad. Do you see any way to get him off the field and find a better alternative before the opener?

A: Let's get this out of the way right now -- Luke Joeckel didn't look "really bad" against the Lions. Did he have some mistakes? Yes. Did those mistakes look very ugly? Yes. I counted six bad plays against the Lions. Some were as ugly as getting bowled over and Bortles nearly being sacked. Some were as simple as he let the edge rusher get a little ground on him. But Joeckel is not just one of the two best tackles on this team -- thereby making the choice to start him an easy one -- but he's been fine at left tackle. There's no one on the team or in free agency who would do a better job than Joeckel, so I think replacing him would be a long shot and a detriment to the team.

Gergely from Budapest, Hungary

Q: Would a healthy Marqise Lee really be much of an upgrade over Allen Hurns?

A: This is a tricky question. First, we haven't seen much of Lee. I'm as fed up with his absence from the field as the next guy, but it's only fair to point out that we still don't know very much about his on-field ability or potential. Second, even though both Hurns and Lee can occupy an outside role, they a very different receivers. I will say this -- as Hurns has harvested playing time from Lee's misfortune, he has made enough of an impact that I feel comfortable answering "no" to your question.