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What does success look like for the Jaguars against Washington?

What would be considered a "success" for the Jaguars in Week 4 of the preseason against Washington and what would be a "failure"?

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars are finishing out their preseason against Washington on Thursday night at FedEx Field. It's not an incredibly important game, but it will answer a lot of questions when it comes to the bubble players. Who will fill out the bottom half of the roster? We'll get answers in Washington.

We asked the Big Cat Country team what they thought "success" would look like at the end of Friday night's game. Here are their answers:

Alfie Crow

I'm sure everyone will say this, but no injuries. No one else get hurt. In fact, don't play anyone. Just forfeit. Realistically however, I want to see the team run the ball a bit even if it's against backups. I'd also like to see someone get some pressure on the quarterback and can we get a turnover? Please?

Ryan Day

No injuries. I'm serious. I think the final 53-man roster is set except for a few positions here and there -- such as LEO, tight end, and maybe wide receiver and interior defensive lineman. I don't care if we lose 100-0, if every player comes back to Jacksonville healthy, I'll be happy.

Hank Joness

Since everyone has said no injures, I am gonna go ahead and say productive play from players we haven't seen much of yet. James Sample and Neal Sterling are supposed to see their first action of the preseason tonight, and players like Ben Koyack and A.J. Cann are likely to see a big bump in snaps as well.

Cole Hartley

If bubble players can find a way to push Jaguars coaches into a few tough decisions as the team narrows the roster down to 53-man roster, I'll consider tonight a success. The fourth preseason game won't uncover anything in a big-picture sense, but tougher roster decisions points to a more competitive roster. And it the team is more competitive, they have better shot at a successful season.

Zach Goodall

If the secondary is able to intercept the ball at least once, I would consider the night a success. The Jaguars secondary has looked sluggish this preseason, so if they can force a turnover (hopefully off of a good play on the ball, resulting in an interception) I would be happy.

What does success look like to you?