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Jaguars live cut tracker, team making its way to 53

The final round of cuts are coming through and we now know who's not making the final 53-man roster that will face the Panthers in Week 1.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are cutting players as soon as Friday afternoon to get to the final 53-man roster and here's where you can see the final round of cuts as they happen.

There haven't been many big surprises among those released. Most of the roster is fairly predictable and save one or two players, there's a general consensus on who will make the final roster.

So far, nothing too surprising. Corbin was in the teens when it came to the offensive line depth chart and Morris did little to prove he shouldn't be a practice squad quarterback once again.

Anyone surprise you on this list?

Live tracker

DL Ziggy Hood (IR)
OT Austin Pasztor
S Craig Loston
LB Jeremiah George
DT Richard Ash
DE Camaron Beard
DE Cap Capi
WR Kasey Closs
TE Connor Hamlett
CB Jeremy Harris
DE Ike Igbinosun
RB Storm Johnson
WR Erik Lora
OG Chris Reed
CB Rashaad Reynolds
WR Neal Sterling
LB Todd Thomas
CB Peyton Thompson
WR Tony Washington
TE Ben Koyack
QB Stephen Morris
OT Will Corbin