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2015 Jaguars roster review: Quarterbacks

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We're going position by position to break down each group on the Jaguars. Up next? The quarterbacks.

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The overall rundown of the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback position in 2015 is pretty cut and dry: It starts and ends with Blake Bortles.

For the first time since joining the Jaguars in 2013, Chad Henne did not see a single snap during the regular season. With Bortles firmly entrenched as the starter since the 2014 season, there will never be a reason for Henne to take the field during the regular season again unless 1. Blake Bortles gets injured (please no) or 2. The Jaguars are ever up by so much that they take all the starters out (please yes).

As for Bortles, he exceeded expectations in a big way in his first full season as the Jaguars starter. He finished seventh in the NFL in passing yards with 4,428 and tied for second in passing touchdowns with 35. That is compared to just 11 passing touchdowns in 2014, which took him over 12 games to accomplish.

Bortles had a huge leap in number of big plays made, but he still made too many boneheaded plays, as evident by his league leading 18 interceptions and the number of sacks he was solely responsible for.

Overall Grade: B


The number of bad interceptions and sacks taken by Bortles is frustrating, if not troubling. But when you have him accounting for 35 passing touchdown to offset it, it is a little easier to swallow. Either way, he needs to cut down on the mistakes.

With that said, you can't walk away from his 2015 performance and not be impressed by his development and hopeful for what another offseason can bring him. He seemed to really thrive under new coordinator Greg Olsen and another offseason to train with Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Julius Thomas should pay dividends.

As for backup Chad Henne, he's an impending free agent. But both Henne's camp and the Jaguars brass have expressed interest in getting a new contract together. Henne and Bortles have a very close relationship so it only makes sense for him to be brought back for the next few years.