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Jaguars sign Gus Bradley to one-year contract extension

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The Jaguars are extending Gus Bradley's contract through 2017.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced a one-year extension on Gus Bradley's contract that will see him through the 2017 season. His previous contract would have expired in 2016.

Last week, Caldwell said Bradley -- who was on the last year of his contract -- might not go into the season with just one year left on his contract.

"Gus' situation is very fluid," Caldwell said on 1010XL on Thursday, January 14. "And just because [Gus] is heading into the offseason with one year left on his contract, that doesn't mean he'll coach next year with one year left on his contract."

Even with an extension, the Jaguars can part ways with Gus whenever they like. The thought is this brings the franchise stability going into an important free agency period. But why not do it last month and bring some stability to the defensive coordinator search? I'm sure some candidates didn't entertain the idea of coming here because Gus was a lame duck candidate and they didn't want to relocate for one year and then have to move somewhere else. Why is everything so ass backwards around here?

"For an organization that we believe is ready to make its move, extending Gus through the 2017 season provides our club with much-needed stability in every respect," Caldwell said today. "It solidifies Gus’ good standing with our current players, provides certainty for free agents who may be considering the Jaguars and helps to deliver the continuity throughout our coaching staff that we think is critical for us to turn the corner. It also gives us the best opportunity to win in 2016. I appreciate Shad supporting this approach as we enter a pivotal season with high expectations at every level of the organization."

12 wins. 36 losses. Contract extension. Go Jaguars.