Wish in one hand, Gus in another...

...see which one fills up first.

Gus Bradley is now 12-36, a .250 winning percentage. After 50 games, he will be at worst 0.240 (the 2nd worst winning percentage of all-time) or at best 0.280 (the 4th worst winning percentage of all-time).

Since 1980, no coach has had three consecutive less-than-6-win seasons and went on to reach 0.500. As previously detailed here, Gus is in rare company, with a situation that is similar to fellow worst-all-time coaches Dave Shula and Joe Bugel.

In fact, the only case I was able to find of a coach who was able to exceed 0.500 after three terrible seasons was Tampa Bay's John McKay, who was that franchise's first head coach beginning in 1976 and went 0-14, 2-12, 5-11, then 10-6. He coached 5 years thereafter, only topping 6 wins once again.

Don't get me wrong, I really want Gus Bradley to succeed, but history shows that it just isn't going to happen. But let us wish and hope that he will be the outlier, because that's what we do.

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