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Observations from the end of the Jaguars season

Our last observations and musings column of the season. Thank God.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. It is (finally) over

Now that the train wreck that was the Jaguars 2015 is over, we can move on to the offseason. Free agency, draft, the works. And with a change up in coverage of the Jaguars, there is a change up to this weekly column. With that said.

2. Jaguars lock up No. 5 pick

On one hand, the Jaguars are not picking in the top 3 for the first time since Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley. On the other hand, they are still picking in the top 5. And there really aren't many directions they can go in that are appealing considering the lack of strength of the 2016 draft class as it stands today. There is still a lot to change with free agency pending, though, specifically with moves they may make along the DL. But with that said...

3. Ramsey is the guy right now

With the possible scenarios, there are none that are more appealing as of January 4th than selecting Jalen Ramsey fifth overall. Here are some of the players that have started at FS for the Jaguars since 2013 -- Sergio Brown, Winston Guy, Josh Evans, and Craig Loston.

As bad as the Jaguars defensive ends have been, the free safety position has been just as putrid. Ramsey looks like the best safety prospect in years and would help add a new mentality to the defense with his bully mentality and aggressiveness. Simply put, he is a jerk on the field. Every opponent hates him. If he wasn't on your team, you'd hate him. They need that kind of player.

4. Free agency will be extremely telling to the Jaguars draft plans

The Jaguars are expected to be major spenders in free agency, again. With the offense being cost controlled for the next two years this is probably their last chance to really cash in. Some moves I expect are two or more defensive linemen acquired and, at least, one cornerback. Acquiring guys like Vinny Curry or Oliver Vernon should make the Jaguars intentions in the drafts much clearer.

5. Who do you want to know about first?

With the regular season closing, it is officially draft szn... which means prospect breakdowns here at Big Cat Country. Vote below on who you want to read about first.