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Myles Jack will play more 'OTTO', says Gus Bradley

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonvillle Jaguars fans finally got a look at their second round pick, UCLA linebacker Myles Jack, as he got the start in London against the Indianapolis Colts. With injuries to the linebacker position, most notably Dan Skuta, the team was forced to finally play the linebacker fans have been calling for, albeit at a position that doesn't completely utilize his talents.

Nonetheless, Jack played well and according to head coach Gus Bradley, we will see more of him going forward.

"It is a great question. He is multiple. He can play different positions," Bradley told reporters on Monday when he was asked what the team will do with Jack as the season goes on. "He did some really good things. Kind of what we anticipated in the game. There are a couple plays he has to understand that teams, if they see that on tape, will keep attacking him. We need to see those corrections made. We will continue to evaluate that and see how that goes this week. I would look for him to play more OTTO."

Jack made some noticeable plays in London, both good and bad. The most notable bad play being losing contain for a big run, but those are mistakes you expect a rookie to make and should be less and less as he gets more experience. Jack was drafted with the intent of being the middle linebacker of the defense, but he's got too much talent to keep on the bench for a player who, quite frankly, isn't as good even with Jack playing out of position.