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Jaguars will need to limit turnovers going forward

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest factors in the Jacksonville Jaguars first win of the regular season against the Indianapolis Colts was the fact that Blake Bortles and the offense didn't lose the turnover battled. On the season, the Jaguars currently sit at -2 in turnover ratio and it's going to be one of the biggest factors in the team's success or failure going forward.

With the Jaguars lacking the explosive offensive plays they relied on last season, turnovers are even more detrimental to the time. While it's clear overall the team is better, they're still not at a point where they can continuously lose the turnover battle and over come it. Only the best teams in the NFL can do that with any consistency and the Jaguars are far from being there, so they must take care of the football.

Sunday against the Chicago Bears, the Jaguars are facing a team with a worse turnover ratio than themselves (-3), and the Bears have had trouble holding on to the football. Chicago has fumbled the ball 11 times so far on the season, losing five of those, but they've only thrown two interceptions on the season. So far, the Jaguars haven't done a great job intercepting passes despite the upgrades to their secondary, so it's more likely in order to win the turnover battle the Jaguars need to force some more fumbles, like rookie pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue has done the past three games.

The most important thing however is that Blake Bortles will need to stop throwing interceptions, especially early in the game. Not all of Bortles interceptions have been on him this season, as he's had a few tipped balls that ended up picked, but almost all of them have been backbreaking. Against the Colts, Bortles cut down significantly on his "almost picked" passes and will need to continue doing that if the Jaguars want to not only win on Sunday, but try to claw back the season.