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Week 6 NFL fantasy football Q&A: How much trade value does Allen Robinson have?

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Again, thanks to @WaiverWarrior1 for answering your Jacksonville Jaguars fantasy questions this week. Let’s get to it!

Tariq from Greensboro, NC

Q: Do you think Julius Thomas reach the endzone this week? I'm starting him against the Chicago Bears.

A: This game is probably one of the hardest to predict. Both teams are constantly trying to improve on the defensive side of the ball. I believe J. Thomas has a decent game based on continuous injuries to the Bears linebacker core. I wouldn’t say J. Thomas has the game of his life, but I expect at least 5-7 targets, especially after a bye week.

Ian from Valdosta, GA

Q: I know Allen Robinson will produce but should I start T.J. Yeldon or Tevin Coleman from the Atlanta Falcons?

A: Tevin Coleman. He has a higher ceiling than Yeldon, and with the high scoring offense of the Falcons, there is a significantly better chance for him to gain big yardage plays than Yeldon.

Austin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: How much should i give up for Allen Robinson? On my bench i have: Michael Floyd, Carson Palmer, Andrew Luck, Isaiah Crowell, Devante Parker, Will Fuller, and Jamaal Charles.

A: I don’t think you should trade Allen Robinson unless an offer comes into you. Your bench has good value with Fuller and Crowell. Jamaal Charles is still a big question mark. Robinson will get you the consistent points you need as WR1. And why are you carrying both Palmer and Luck? I’m sure you can get some value for one of them without having to trade your #1 WR.

Barry from Charlotte, NC

Q: Should I accept this trade? I receive: Jarvis Landry, Cameron Meridith, Dez Bryant. I trade away: Alshon Jeffery and Allen Hurns.

A: Absolutely. Landry had one bad game last week, but will always be a target monster. Dez may not be effective now, but will always be a threat when he returns.

As long as Brian Hoyer remains QB for the Bears, Meridith will see more volume than Jeffrey. Hoyer is about the open man, not the play-making abilities. Cuter has no problem throwing to Jeffrey whether it’s single or double coverage based on his athletic abilities. Accept the trade and don’t look back.

JZ from Chicago, IL

Q: What's the deal with Chris Ivory? Is my man going to get his starting role and see 12-15 touches a game now that he's back healthy?

A: Unfortunately No, And it’s not his fault. Any chance for a decent Jags running game is based on the Offensive Line, which is the Jags most noticeable weakness.

John from Charlotte

Q: Should I start Allen Hurns or Sterling Shephard this week?

A: It’s tempting to default to Shephard, but I like Hurns better in this match up. I think Hurns turned a corner in the London game, it should see a lot more target share than the previous weeks.