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Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley should be under more pressure

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

After the Jacksonville Jaguars win in London against the Indianapolis Colts, the collective sigh of relief from fans could be felt. I remember genuinely laughing at the end of the game when the Colts players were tossing the football around in a desperate attempt to win the game. I was a few bottles of champagne deep and full of breakfast burritos, but winning is fun. Who knew? No one should have been upset with a win two weeks ago, not even me.

Ryan Day took the brunt of fans anger on Sunday when he wrote he was happy the Jaguars won, but he still didn’t really feel good about it. That’s perfectly rational, but he probably should have let it simmer a little bit more than the day of. I wanted to write this last week, but I didn’t want to appear I was trying to ruin anyone’s day because this will be taken as being negative, but in reality it’s how a lot of fans should feel. I’m treading dangerously on telling people “how to fan” and that’s not really my intent, so hear me out.

The Jaguars win against the Colts in London should put more pressure on head coach Gus Bradley, not alleviate it. His seat should be hotter, because you went and beat a division opponent and the division once again in in shambles and there for the taking. Sure, if the Jaguars had lost we could have kept baby raging about how Bradley should be fired, but with the win it showed the Jaguars have the talent to close games out, even if some of the old consistent problems still showed up. The win against the Colts made games like the loss to the Baltimore Ravens even more frustrating.

They should have won, but they didn’t. Again.

Now that the Jaguars have won, they should keep winning. The pressure should be on Gus Bradley to continue winning, especially with how the schedule is shaking out. Yes, that probably gives you a little bit of déjà vu, because so far this season almost mirrors last season and we all know what ended up happening.

The win against the Colts was cathartic, because the Jaguars had been on a losing streak stemming back to last season, but it can’t let you lose focus of where the team is actually at. One win shouldn’t wipe out everything else going on. This is part of why I wanted to wait to write this, because despite the fact that I think Gus Bradley should be and ultimately will be fired, winning is still good. We all want to win, even in spite of ourselves.

The team is heading to another winnable game on Sunday against the Chicago Bears, albeit on the road, but it’s another game that they should have a realistic shot of winning. The Bears aren’t very good and Brian Hoyer is their starting quarterback. The next three games are going to tell you a lot about the Jaguars as a team, because they’re certainly winnable games when you look at how the teams are playing. The problem is, you also have to factor in how the Jaguars have been playing, which has been inconsistent at best. The pressure should be on Gus Bradley now, more than ever, because it’s do or die time.

The Jaguars win two weeks ago should whet your appetite, not satiate it.