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Jaguars vs. Bears: Who are the ‘experts’ picking?

Who is favored among various experts to win between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are preparing to take on the Chicago Bears on Sunday in the Windy City, and while it’s a game that might not be on the national radar, it could prove to be huge for both teams and their season going forward. Both teams are going to look at this game as one that they should win, and the reality is that both have some legitimate reasons to think that way.

Fans of both teams seem to be approaching the game the same way, with a mentality of “this is a team we can easily beat, but history shows that we will probably screw it up”. Of course there are also some fans who are way more positive about their respective team’s chances, and some that are much more pessimistic. With all of that said, here are who the so-called experts are picking to win the game:

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports - Jaguars 24, Bears 20

Elliot Harrison, - Jaguars 28, Bears 21

Dave Dameshek, - Jaguars 29, Bears 26

Chris Burke, - Jaguars 31, Bears 28

CBS Sports panel picks, straight up - 4 votes Jaguars , 4 votes Bears. Fan vote slightly towards Jacksonville. panel vote - 6 votes Jaguars, 3 votes Bears. Fan vote: Jags.

Obviously, you can take these picks for what they’re worth. It may look like I cherry-picked to favor the Jags, but these are honestly just the top results I came across. They may mean nothing to you, or they might be very important. I just like to look around the league to get a grasp of how others are anticipating the outcome of this game. As you can see by the results, the Jaguars are heavily favored to win this one, and most predictions that gave scores had this being a pretty high-scoring affair. Whether or not any of that becomes true remains to be seen, but this is how the ‘experts’ are seeing this one take place.