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5 observations from the Jaguars 17-16 win over the Bears

What did we see today with the Jaguars' win over the Bears on Sunday?

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Chicago Bears on the road by a score of 17-16. They're 2-3 and can get things right against the Oakland Raiders next week. But let's enjoy our second straight win. What did we see today?

1. Jalen Ramsey had first first "welcome to the NFL" game

But his final play showed how talented he is. Alshon Jeffery was eating Jalen Ramsey's lunch early on in the game, as Ramsey seemed bothered by how physical Jeffery was. All corners have certain guys the struggle against, and Ramsey hadn't quite faced a guy like Jeffery. While it wasn't fun watching Ramsey get beat, watching him come back out in the second half and adjust his game was an impressive thing to watch. Ramsey made the big play at the end of the game, and won the game for the Jaguars. The defense has lacked playmakers for a long, long time, and last year they probably don't stop the Bears on this drive. Jalen Ramsey is really, really good you guys, and we should all enjoy the ride.

2. The slow starts are really starting to become a problem

While the Jaguars won this game, getting shut out by the Bears in the first half was pretty pathetic. Sure, things were clicking on the first drive for them, but they can't let an interception in the red-zone take all of the momentum out of their offense. The offense continues to just look out of sync, and they go through these dry spells where it doesn't look like an offense that could score in the Big 12. Whether it is coaching, or Bortles isn't as good as we thought he is, it doesn't matter. This problem needs to be fixed, because they won't be playing the Bears every week.

3. The first red-zone possession was the epitome of Jaguars struggles

Marcedes Lewis fade, false start, interception in the end-zone. This sequence made us all want to pull our hair out. First off, why throw a fade on the one yard line? Then, why throw it to Marcedes Lewis of all people? You gave Chris Ivory 32 million dollars for a reason, just use him. Sometimes we don't need to overthink these things.

The false start by Kelvin Beachum was also infuriating, because it added on to the list of self inflicting penalties the Jaguars have had this year. If you're still lacking in talent vs some teams, making dumb avoidable penalties is something you can't afford.

The interception made me want to throw my remote threw the TV, and not for the reason a Bortles interception usually does. Allen Robinson dropped a ball put right in his numbers, something we don't usually see from him. Again, these are things the Jaguars can't afford to do if they are going to be in a lot of close games. That interception seemed to suck the life out of them, and carried over all the way till the third quarter.

4. Aaron Colvin had a solid game in his return

I've never been huge on Colvin, simply because I don't think he is great or terrible, he had been just kind of average. In his first game back, Colvin looked fresh and refined. He held his own in coverage in the slot, and made some good open field tackles. Colvin is one of couple of guys that have the opportunity too look better in a more limited and focused role. if Colvin plays well this season, the Jaguars may have to strongly considering moving on from Davon House.

5. The win doesn't excuse the terrible play

Celebrate today guys, wins have come around here that often. However, winning does not cure the fact that the Jaguars looked straight up pathetic at some points today. They stole this game today, and the coaches and players both know it. Even though they won, this game can be one of the top at the list to prove that Gus Bradley is not a good coach. I'm not going to go off on a Bradley tangent, because we have all been over that before. However, if Bradley wants to keep his job at all, he has to get this team more prepared and in sync.