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Jared Odrick says Logan Paulsen is ‘literally a barnacle’

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense was a big reason the team ended up winning the game on Sunday against the Chicago Bears, and the return of Jared Odrick meant the rotation overall was more talented. It also meant we got some more good post game quotes from Odrick, who never shies away from giving his thoughts post game, this time about Bears tight end Logan Paulsen.

“I don’t like [No.] 82,” Odrick told Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union after the game. “You can put that down. Eight-two doesn’t play the game the right way. He antagonizes. He’s literally a barnacle.”

Odrick was flagged early in the game for a personal foul and clearly he was upset about it, going to the sideline and yelling incredulously at someone still on the field, presumably Paulsen.

Odrick didn’t stop there.

“I probably took out some anger because of watching [Paulsen] on tape,” Odrick continued. “He doesn’t block well. He can’t catch passes. He’s a role player just like I’m a role player, but his role is to antagonize and get in the way. When guys speak to the referees after every time they get touched, that’s why I called him out.”

I can’t really speak to specifically what set Odrick off about Paulsen, but it’s clear there was something going on that got under Odrick’s skin during the game. He is right about one thing though, Paulsen isn’t really a pass catcher and he’s not really known as a good blocker. Paulsen on the season has just two receptions for 10 yards and has never eclipsed more than 28 receptions in a single season, with just 81 receptions in six seasons in the NFL.