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Jaguars favored by 1.5 points over Raiders

The Jacksonville Jaguars are favored to beat the Tennessee Ti-wait a minute. They’re not playing the Titans? But they’re favored to win. Who are they playing? The Oakland Raiders? The second-best team in the AFC Oakland Raiders? The undefeated-on-the-road Oakland Raiders?

This is a trap. It has to be a trap. But it’s a beautiful trap. The kind of trap that calls to you like a Siren — soothing, peaceful, alluring — only to leave you broken and confused on the jagged rocks of a Sunday afternoon where you realize you smell like stale beer and black and milds and there’s a $315 withdrawal from your joint checking account with your wife who will probably call and question you about it halfway through your three-hour drive home to Tallahassee.

Go Jaguars.