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Davon House benched: ‘My play hasn’t been good enough in their eyes’

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Jacksonville Jaguars Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After a performance last week against the Chicago Bears that earned him just three snaps all game, Davon House has resigned himself to the fact that he’s been benched by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

According to Mike Kaye of, the reason for House’s demotion is a combination of several things (Prince Amukamara getting healthy, Aaron Colvin returning from suspension, Davon House’s declining play) but there’s no mistaking it — House knows he’s been benched.

"The situation — it's hard to explain — but I guess it's an 'is what it is' type thing," House said. "[My play] since I got here hasn't been good enough in their eyes. I got benched last year, I got benched again this year."

House has played in all but one game since signing with Jacksonville prior to the 2015 season. Last season, he was relatively good, earning four interceptions and causing 23 pass breakups. But his play has devolved from inconsistent against elite talent like DeAndre Hopkins to full blown disappointment.

"I know last year we were playing more man — that's what I do — I'm a man corner, that's a little different," House said. "Playing-wise [there’s not really anything different]. I'd say the only things I wish I could change are probably two plays."

House will likely sign elsewhere in the offseason as his contract was structured to assume all guaranteed money in the first two seasons. Even House seems to agree.

"This isn't my last stop. I know I'm good, just look at my numbers last year. Every player has their [bad] games. For example, there are going to be games where offensive linemen give up sacks, there's going to be games where quarterbacks throw multiple picks, there are going to be games where quarterbacks fumble and receivers drop balls."