11 thoughts on the Jaguars vs. Colts game

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Something I'll be trying to do this year, to the mercy of my followers, is putting all my thoughts in one place on here, that way it's an optional read instead of me blurting everything out.

So, in honor of my handle, here's my Med11 (clever as hell, I know) thoughts:

1. We have a pass rush? Shut up, I can hear you saying that the Colts started three rookies on their OLine and lost another during the game, but the Jags have a legit pass rushing presence. Malik Jackson is a monster up the middle, and on multiple plays he caused Luck to divert his eyes from downfield and scramble just to run into our various LEOs. Yannick Ngakoue is everything that we've been waiting for, and Dante Fowler is coming into his own as his confidence builds. Even Chris Smith (who isn't Tyrone Holmes) got in on the act today.

2. Myles Jack is very good. He started today due to circumstance with Dan Skuta being injured, but in his first significant playing time, he looked well worth the hype. He was caught crashing down on a long Frank Gore run when we was supposed to keep backside contain, but when he was inexplicably pulled in the fourth quarter with the Colts throwing on every down, Luck started to pick the defense apart. With 14 days between this game and the Chicago game, there's no reason that Jack shouldn't start coming out of the bye week.

3. The love/hate relationship with Blake Bortles continues. I honestly don't understand him. He can drop a dime on a deep post in between two defenders, then turn around and overthrow an out route by three yards the next play. While he didn't turn the ball over today, it wasn't for lack of trying. He lost a fumble on an attempted pass under no pressure, stared receivers down on short and intermediate passes, and didn't exactly blow away a god awful defense in the Colts.

4. Dollar for dollar, Brad Nortman is the best free agent signing for the Jaguars. Malik has been a beast, as expected, and Prince Amukamara has been a lot better than expected. But who thought Nortman would be this good? He's pinned opponents inside the 10 multiple times this year already. He should've had another downed inside the 10 today, but the gunners couldn't reach the ball in time, because the line of scrimmage was 78 YARDS AWAY.

5. Jason Myers is terrifying, but finding form. He's still inexplicably bad at extra points, but he's got a hell of a leg. He was six-for-six on kicks today, and his long of 49 would've been good from 60 yards or more. I'm still going to hide my eyes whenever he trots out on the field, but at least now I don't have to clench my butthole.

6. The running game was A LOT better today. I'll wait to pass judgement on Chris Ivory, since he was literally in a hospital bed 10 days ago, but T.J. Yeldon averaging over five yards a carry was a pleasant surprise. The Colts are historically 11 trash cans on run defense, but it was still nice to see the line get some push and open some lanes.

7. Overall, Cyprien had a good game today. Other than probably the worst defensive play of the day on his pass interference call (just turn your damn head around Cyp) he didn't do much wrong today. We didn't hear his name called much today, which shouldn't be a good thing in regards to a safety, but here we are.

8. The win felt great, but we have to be realistic and look at who it came against. Andrew Luck was once upon a time an elite quarterback, but take him away from the Colts and they're the worst roster in the NFL by a good distance. We should've won by at least two scores, but instead squeaked out a three-point win. Any halfway competent team would've exposed our coaching down the stretch.

9. Aaron Colvin is back! Hopefully his return means Jalen Ramsey and Prince Amukamara stay on the outside, with Colvin in the slot, and Davon House watching from the bench. Dwayne Gratz seems like the obvious cut (please Shad) especially after Josh Johnson's performance today, but I wouldn't be overly surprised with Walters getting the boot after the team yo-yo'd with him just a couple of weeks ago.

10. The Jaguars won! But Gus stays.

11. Up next: the bye week. The Jaguars are notoriously bad against the bye week, but hopefully we can scrape by this year without losing anybody important, or at all.

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