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Jaguars vs. Raiders: Week 7 TV viewing map on CBS

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders face off in Week 7 of the 2016 NFL season and it’s another (nearly) nationally televised game, y’all.

This game is being shown in wider areas than any other game so far this season (except the nationally televised early game against the Indianapolis Colts) and it should be a fun matchup between young quarterbacks in Blake Bortles and Derek Carr who were drafted in the same year and one round apart.

The red is the Jaguars vs. Raiders game, the purple is the Ravens at the Jets, the green is the Bills at the Dolphins game, yellow is Browns at Bengals, and orange is Colts at Titans. Gray is no game available.

The announcing for the game will be handled by Greg Gumbel and Trent Green.