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If you want Blake Bortles benched, you’ll be waiting a while

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars won’t be benching Blake Bortles any time soon... or at least as long as Gus Bradley is the head coach.

In his weekly Monday press conference, Bradley emphatically repeated his support of Bortles as the starting quarterback going forward and shut down any question to the contrary from the media.

That’s not to say Gus is wrong because he’s not. Blake is the guy for 2016. At the very least, this year is about answering if he’s the guy or not long-term for this franchise and you don’t answer that question by benching him. I’m also not entirely convinced Chad Henne is a better option, but I’m not entirely convinced he’s not.

Sorry, everyone. Benching Blake isn’t good for the long-term for this franchise and it’s not going to be what Gus Bradley does as long as he’s head coach.