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An open letter to anyone who opposes booing

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It hurts.

When Allen Robinson, perhaps the most talented and well-known player on our team, says that "we get our best home field advantage when we go to Wembley" it gave me painful flashbacks of the days where we were the constant butt of every franchise relocation joke.

It hurts.

When Telvin Smith basically said that "If you're not with us, you're against us."

It hurts.

When Rashad Greene tweeted, "If you can't do what we, as NFL players can do, then you shouldn't criticize us."

It hurts.

Don't expect us to sarcastically cheer for you guys through all your mistakes and all your sloppiness. We get that you guys are showing effort.

That's not why we're booing.

We are booing because we've been 41-92 since 2008. We boo because we've gone through 54 games of Gus Bradley and lost 40 of them. We boo because there hasn't been any empirical improvement since Year 1. We boo because nothing is working. We boo because many of you have regressed in play. We boo because you just lost to a team that started their rebuild at the same time, and lost badly. We boo because we don't know if this team is talented because of how poorly coached this team is..

You don't understand what we have gone through. Don't question our loyalty, Telvin. We show up every Sunday to EverBank, through all the losing and all the poor play. There are far more brutal and cutthroat fanbases that, quite simply, would've booed Gus Bradley in his first year. Would you guys like to play for Philadelphia?

We boo out of intense, passionate love for our team. We don't boo because we well and truly hate a player. We boo because we want to see better; we want success for our team. Many players don't know what it's like to save $100 for a ticket, and then watch your team flounder and get blown out to another team. We're just sick and tired of losing. Don't ask for more time, because quite frankly, there are teams winning a whole lot more with a whole lot less.

You can't fault us for booing and for being frustrated. You can't fault us for being a little disappointed, especially when all offseason you guys were claiming that this was going to be the year. And to be clear, that's fine -- as long as you back up that statement with your play. When that didn't happen, you guys called us out, the fans.  I think I speak for all fans when I say that I'm tired of losing and I'm tired of this losing attitude. We've been more than patient.

In any other market, you guys would have been criticized a long time ago.

I don't blame the players, I blame the coach. When your coach coddles you and tells you it's okay to lose as long as you improve, there's going to be a lot of nasty habits that are going to be difficult to get rid of. If my boss told me that I could keep my job even if I didn't reach the bottom line, I would be upset too, if suddenly the boss was on the hot seat.

You want to protect and keep your coach? Fine. Back it up on the field. Show us why he deserves his job. Don't give us a reason to boo. Stop telling us how great Gus is and show it on the field. Until then, we're going to continue to blame him, because he's the head coach.

Telvin, our head coach is 14-40, and you expect us to keep cheering? You expect us to cheer when you guys drop passes, miss throws, or miss assignments? Are you satisfied when the chef cooks bad food at a restaurant? Do you cheer when your waiter forgets to serve your table? No. So why would you want us to be satisfied when we've been fed four years of terrible, horrible food?

This isn't just coming from me. This is coming from analysts, experts, fans, and the stats. Numbers don't lie, and there hasn't been improvement in Year 4 of a regime that promised us that we would be a "much more competitive team".

Show me. Prove me wrong. So far that hasn't been accomplished.

We, the fans, are frustrated. All we can do is boo.

It hurts.