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Week 8 power rankings

How far do the Jaguars drop in the power rankings this week's soul crushing defeat to Oakland?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Checking out a power ranking after a loss that deflating is just asking to be a human punching bag. Nevertheless, the game was hyped up to be a measuring stick on where we were within our rebuild, which we were sold was mirroring the Raiders'.

In the words of Sir William Wallace: "We were weighed, we were measured, and we were found wanting."

It looks like crew at is basically in line with the general thought process as most Jaguars fans I've spoken with this week.

via 29th (last week: 25th)

"Not sure where to go here. Jaguars fans -- please send along your take. I'm serious. What the hell is going on out there?! (@HarrisonNFL) It's easy to point the finger at Blake Bortles, who hasn't, for the most part, played well this season. Bortles' turnovers often come at the worst times -- he simply cannot throw that interception in the red zone. That said, where was the pass rush on Raiders QB Derek Carr? And once again, no takeaways from the defense. Even the punter can run on these guys."

via SBNation - 29th (last week: 25th)

Bottom of the trash heap:
Thanks to the Indianapolis Colts finally helping out poor Andrew Luck, there's a team that climbed out of the doldrums at the bottom. The Jaguars look like a deserving member, however.

Hey... at least they're both consistent?

Our opponent for this week (Tennessee Titans) is at No. 25 and No. 23 in these rankings, by the way.