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Jacksonville Jaguars fantasy football Q&A: Is Blake Bortles worth a spot on my roster?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to @WaiverWarrior1 for answering these questions. Let’s get to it!

Mark from Monmouth, NJ

Q: Is it worth it to buy low on Allen Robinson at this point?

A: I think so. It’s only a matter of time before he explodes in a game where the Jags are trailing from behind. Just be cautious after acquisition. The Jaguars have some tough games Weeks 14-16, usually when fantasy playoffs take place. If you do acquire Robinson, I would treat him as a flex of WR3.

Moritz from Augsberg, Germany

Q: Start Blake Bortles or Derek Carr?

A: Derek Carr. He has much better progressions than Bortles and his field of vision is much more mature.

Jim from Orlando, FL

Q: Is T.J. Yeldon still a decent option at flex in PPR leagues?

A: Not really. He’s good if you need to fill the flex because of bye weeks, but the production isn’t there from a workload projection.

Kevin from Birmingham, AL

Q: Is Blake Bortles worth even having on my bench at this point?

A: Only if you have starting QB that has a bye and Bortles is facing a sub-par defense.

Rocco from Los Angeles, CA

Q: In 0.5 ppr, I need two out of four: Will Fuller, Michael Thomas, Devante Adams, or Stefon Diggs. Thank you!

A: Initially I would jump on Will Fuller and Devante Adams, but I think I like Thomas over Adams. His target share has increased week over week from Brees, and he’s a solid pass catcher. Diggs is great, but Bradford isn’t. And with a non-existent Minnesota running game, secondaries are going to anticipate the longer routes with pass protect.

Andrew from Pensacola, FL

Q: I love my guys, but is it time to flip Allen Robinson? If so, what is he worth? I want to believe! Go Jags!

A: As long as you manage expectations in what you can get in return for him. People will try to trade him as WR1, but it doesn’t matter where you drafted him, it’s his current production. I would attempt to trade Robinson for progressing WR, like Randall Cobb or Michael Crabtree. I also potentially like risking him for Alshon Jeffrey now that Jay Cutler is returning.