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5 questions with Music City Miracles: ‘Mike Mularkey isn't a good coach’

Minnesota Vikings v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

1. As crazy as it sounds, y'all could come away with this division by season's end. What are the chances that a Marcus Mariota-led squad hosts a playoff game in January?

Well the chances took a hit this past week when they weren't able to knock off a beat-up Colts team. As you know, the division is pretty bad, so yeah, there's a chance that the Titans could win the division, but in order to do that they need to clean some things up on offense and special teams. Also, this game tonight is a must win to keep those hopes alive.

2. What are the fans' thoughts on Marcus Mariota? Is he the answer? Is he winning in spite of himself? Can he do better with another coach?

I still firmly believe that he is the answer, and yes, I believe he would be better off with a better coach. Mike Mularkey isn't a good coach and isn't running an offense that highlights Mariota's strengths. With all of that being said, Marcus has to be better than he has been this year. He turns the ball over entirely too much and has missed quite a few throws that he absolutely has to make. I am of the thought that some of that has to do with Mularkey not allowing him to get in a rhythm. Go watch any 2-minute drills the Titans have run and Mariota looks really comfortable. I would love to see the Titans do that a couple of times a game not inside of two minutes, but hey, I'm just a blogger. What do I know?

3. How do you like Mike Mularkey as a coach? What is he able to do that has this Titans team looking like one of the better teams in the division despite a so-so roster?

Mularkey is not a good head coach. His record as a head coach, 21-43, speaks for itself. The Titans finally have a good GM. Jon Robinson traded for DeMarco Murray, signed Ben Jones and drafted Jack Conklin. The offensive line has been really good, and the defense has been able to pressure the quarterback. That can get you wins against bad competition.

4. Is there a Jaguars player on either side of the ball that you say, "If the Titans don't stop him, we're in trouble"?

Allen Robinson. He torched the Titans last year. I know he has been struggling, but he has real talent. Mariota would look like a whole lot better quarterback if he had anyone close to Robinson to throw to. I am a little bit afraid this is a "get right spot" for Robinson.

5. What's gonna happen on Thursday? Will the Jaguars really lose to two former Jacksonville coaches in less than a week? Or will Gus Bradley somehow find a way?

I really think the Titans find a way to win this one at home. The defense will put enough pressure on Bortles to force a couple of turnovers that result in a short field. I'm going with Titans 24-20.