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5 observations from the Jaguars 36-22 loss to the Titans

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

1. If this isn't the last straw for Bradley, I don't know what is

The final score of 36-22 may fool some people who didn't watch the game, but it won't fool me, or anyone who watched it. The Jags were punched in the mouth from the beginning of the game, and the lack of adjustments in the first half was laughable. I don't like to say players have quit, because they are professionals and most usually don't. However, this team has mentally quit on Gus Bradley. This team has no confidence in what they are doing, and it all starts with Bortles. The stupid mistakes, the dumb penalties, the bad body language, and guys being out of place is all due to the lack of trust in the coaching staff. It has been clear for awhile that Gus Bradley was not the guy for the job. I wrote about that in week two's observations as well. But this game was whole other level. The Jags weren't just dominated, they were embarrassed. He was out coached by a guy most of us that was a joke in Mike Mularkey. The fact is, Mularkey is 10x the coach Gus Bradley ever has been, and Mularkey is one of the worst coaches is in the league. There is no reason that Gus Bradley should keep his job after this game.

2. Shad needs to can Gus as soon as possible

Shad Khan has been extremely patient in the Jags rebuild. And while his patience is probably a good trait in the long run of him being an owner, he can't afford to be patient any more. For the sake of this organization, the plays, and the fans, Bradley needs to be gone as soon as possible. The players have been fed a losing mentality, and it is time they learn that once you start losing enough, there is consequences. Firing Bradley would put the players on notice, and send a message that no ones job is safe, and give them a reason to play hard in an otherwise lost season. This organization will most likely go under another regime change, and they will need to use the rest of the season to tell who is actually worth keeping around.

3. Bortles is broken, and it probably can't be fixed till the offseason

Blake Bortles has regressed tremendously this season, and it leaves us questioning whether or not he can even be considered the franchise quarterback anymore. My fellow BCC writer Zach Goodall wrote an excellent piece earlier this week on it, highlighting how painful that realization is. Bortles looks like a deer in headlights, and seems to have no flow or consistency to his delivery. His mechanics, combined with his visible mental frustration is why he took such a big step back this year. These things most likely won't be fixed in season, especially if Bradley continues to stick around. I still want to believe that 35 touchdown guy is still there, but it is becoming harder and harder to see. Bortles will most likely get one more year, considering the Jags may not have any better options. However, these 9 upcoming games will be telling in Bortles future with the Jags.

4. The run game most likely won't be fixed till the offseason as well

The Jags run blocking Is absolutely awful. AJ Cann has been one of the worst guards in the league. Jeremy Parnell, someone brought in specifically for his nastiness in the run game, has been awful as well. The Jags are the worst in the league in running to the right, and it is easy to see why. Even Linder, who was the darling of this line has struggled. The whole line is up for question this offseason, which sets up another undesirable situation for the Jags.

5. There is nothing positive I could come up with

I watched this whole game, and there is literally nothing positive I could come up with. I guess Telvin Smith is really good, but we already knew that. If you watched this whole game like me, I'm so, so sorry.

The Jags need to get better, just like Bradley always preaches. The first way to do that is by getting rid of him.