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Shad Khan says no Jaguars coaching change

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars got destroyed on national television, once again, getting completely out played by the Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football. It seemed all but certain it would be the last game coached by Gus Bradley for the Jaguars, but owner Shad Khan put the brakes on that, for now.

I understand Shad Khan not wanting to make a decision on Gus Bradley's future in the moment, immediately following the team's third blowout loss of the season, the second in a row and immediately following a meeting the owner had with the entire team, but...

How on Earth do you not fire Gus Bradley, who's overall record now sits at 14-41, after a game like that? It's simply just delaying the inevitable and you run the risk of completely losing a fan base who has been illogically supportive up until this point.

We will see if Khan feels the same through the weekend, but for now it doesn't look like there will be a coaching change.