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There is nothing to look forward to

Warning: This article may lead to symptoms of depression.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

My honest expectations for the Jacksonville Jaguars this year were .500.

I thought there would be some light. I thought the future would be bright. I thought we would see an improvement this year with the Jaguars. This year wasn’t ever going to be “our year”, but damn, I expected more than what we’ve been given by this team.

I expected the Jaguars to be a better team, and to say I was let down is a major understatement.

We all thought we were exiting the dark times for this franchise, but instead, we just sunk back to rock bottom — back into the darkness.

There is literally nothing to look forward to.

All offseason, although I knew Gus Bradley wasn’t the answer at head coach, I was under the heavy impression that this team would not let us down. All I could think was “This team has the talent to compete, not only in games but in the division. And eventually, compete in the playoffs — in the spotlight”.

Here we are — sitting with a gross 2-5 record and all hope dead and gone away, and we aren’t even at midseason. The Jaguars have nine games left and I don’t think they’ll win more than two of those games. It’s going to be a long ride on the road to finishing this season — the road to another top three pick in the draft.

Gus Bradley isn’t going anywhere until January 2nd, 2017, on “Black Monday”, the day when coaches are told the worst news of their careers: “Thank you for what you’ve done for our organization, and we wish you the best”.

But until then, the Jaguars are stuck on the Gus Bus.

In reality, there’s nothing to look forward to for a good while even after Bradley receives the axe. He’s a major problem and I believe he’s the main reason this team has regressed from last year. But, the regression does not appear to be capable of being undone. The talent that fans and even members of the media began to glorify in 2015 is no more.

Unfortunately, the potential for this team that was seen in the talent we saw last year and the hope that we clung onto this offseason is dead.

Unfortunately, that means it might be time for another rebuild.

Blake Bortles isn’t the franchise QB. He certainly looked it last year but now he looks broken beyond prepare, and that’s heartbreaking.

Dave Caldwell has been a disappointment as well. Sure, many of offseason acquisitions, including Malik Jackson, Telvin Smith, Brandon Linder, Yannick Ngakoue, and so on, have been solid players for the Jaguars, but he’s missed on many guys as well and this team is no better as a whole. Just look at the scoreboard week after week.

My opinion is that coaching has ruined everything this team could ride on ever since the Bradley era began, but this is a team sport. Everyone shares the blame.

We will all rejoice when Bradley is fired, but even when that happens, I will not have any hope. The Jaguars are bad, and it’s going to stay that way until everything is shaken up.

It’s time for this team to start over, as it did in 2013. You know how long and tough it has been to get through this attempt at a rebuild.

And unfortunately, we’re about two months away from restarting that process all over again.

There is nothing to look forward to.