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What are the Jaguars hoping to accomplish?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever had something where you just do it, almost second nature, but then at one point you have an epiphany and ask yourself what the hell you’re doing? That is the Jacksonville Jaguars right now and I cannot logically fathom what they’re hoping to accomplish the rest of the season in keeping head coach Gus Bradley. Jaguars owner Shad Khan said Thursday evening after the game there would not be a coaching change, and while that could potentially change today, it seems as if Bradley is going to be the Jaguars head coach the rest of the season. So it begs the question…

What are the Jacksonville Jaguars hoping to accomplish at this point?

The common statement made by people with the team is that firing, right now, Gus Bradley doesn’t accomplish anything. But the real question that should be asked is, what do you accomplish by keeping the worst head coach in NFL history? Do you think magically a switch will flip and you will win games? The season is lost. The Jaguars are 2-5 and they’re not going anywhere this season. What does keeping what you have give you?

More of the same.

The players look unprepared week-to-week and continuously make the same mistakes. They’re not just scheme mistakes or physical mistake, they’re errors that you shouldn’t be making week in and week out. I love Jalen Ramsey, but after getting ejected he comes out and gets a bad personal foul immediately in the game. How does that happen? Later on Dante Fowler Jr. gets another personal foul later in the game. The coach, that accomplishes nothing if he’s fired, doesn’t have control of the players. He can’t even make them look motivated to play in back-to-back games after you had a “come to Jesus” meeting with the owner.

So what do you accomplish firing him?



Keeping the coach, at this point, is an affront to fans. It’s insulting. Sure, the most that will likely be accomplished by firing Gus Bradley at this point is bloodletting and making fans feel better, but damn don’t they deserve that at this point? At this point, there’s absolutely no reason for fans to want to care about the Jaguars or go to the games outside of it’s a sunk cost and you might as well go, since you already paid for it. They’re going to be 2-6 when they head back to EverBank Field. Why should they waste their time? Because they might go 3-7? Yay?

We know Gus Bradley is bad. When know he’ll be fired, at some point. You’re just delaying the inevitable at this point and pushing fans further away. He’s 14-41. He’s not recovering from that, so what exactly is the point? Put another voice in there and see if anything changes. You’re changing coaches at the end of the year so start the self-evaluation on the players now. Throw the fans, who’ve been illogically supportive for a decade, a bone.

You’re firing him at the end of the season anyway, so why wait?