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Blake Bortles reportedly a "basket case"

Reportedly, Gus Bradley isn't the only one losing the locker room...

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Per ESPN NFL Insiders, who claims to have spoken with multiple sources inside the Jaguars organization, Blake Bortles is truly struggling with the mental part of the game currently. He was reportedly described by an anonymous source as "a basket case", who has everyone within the organization - both players and coaches, on pins and needles with what's going on in his head.

More importantly, the same source stated to NFL Insiders that Bortles' current struggles are not simply when the game lights are on - stating that he also heavily struggles in practices during the week. Their report also states that a "starting offensive player" was concerned about Blake's play, and believes that he is the problem with the team. "We just don't have the right quarterback."

While none of this is truly earth shattering news or new information for anyone watching the games, it's interesting hearing it coming from within the organization and teammates.

You can watch the full video clip by clicking below.