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Myles Jack finally gets full Jaguars debut in London

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars second round pick Myles Jack finally got a start in Sunday's win against the Indianapolis Colts, though it was at the OTTO position due to an injury to Dan Skuta. The position isn't exactly ideal for Jack's talents, but it appeared the coaching staff adapted a more traditional variation of the strongside linebacker (SAM) to suit the talented rookie than what they had been using the OTTO position for prior. The future of Myles Jack seems to be the MIKE linebacker position, but if they team can utilize him as a more traditional SAM right now, that's even better.

So how'd the rookie look in his first start?

Pretty good.

Jack didn't really have any flash plays in his first start, which did come with the token less snaps on nickel downs etc., but he did make a lot of plays that had cascading effects on the rest of the defense. For instance, this sack on Andrew Luck.

Jack is essentially picking up the flat zone on the strong side and it doesn't look like much, but because Jack stuck in his zone/with his coverage responsibility as well as holding contain against the rolling out quarterback, it gave Luck no dump off option on the play and he took a sack. A lot of the time when a quarterback rolls out like Luck did, you'll see the backers and/or defensive back crash down and leave their coverage, but Jack was smart enough to see Paul Posluszny coming down at the quarterback on a blitz and held up his responsibility, which helped create the sack.

Jack also had another tackle in coverage that resulted in an incomplete pass, but overall he looked good and should give the Jaguars coaching staff something to think about during the bye week. Skuta missed the game with an injury, but it might be that he doesn't ever get his starting job back from the rookie, especially if the team can just play a more traditional SAM linebacker in something like a traditional 4-3 under front. It's not like the OTTO was doing much of anything, anyway.