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This 11-year-old missed a Jaguars game because a train cancelled, but Jaguars UK had it covered

All Jason Shaw wanted to do was watch a Jacksonville Jaguars game with his 11-year-old son on his birthday. They didn’t get there unfortunately, despite committing to a five-hour train ride from their house in Leeds to London.

Five hours on a train. Man.

The ride was cancelled at Grantham, an hour or two south of Leeds, leading to the following tweet.

The Jaguars, being the good hosts they are, did what they could. @JaguarsUK got involved, as did the Jaguars public relation department and apparently the NFL Commissioner too in the hour leading up to kickoff...

...and after a 30-27 win, @JaguarsUK and the team put out the following video.

Very, very cool.