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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Taking stock of the 2016 rookie class

How are the rookies performing for the first quarter of the 2016 season?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Taking stock of the Jacksonville Jaguars rookie class in the first quarter -
Following four weeks of up-and-down play, the Jaguars are resting on an early bye week. While the first quarter of the season is a small sample size, several young players have stepped up to start the campaign. The 1-3 record isn't showing early returns on paper, but the production and development of rookies and first-year players has been worth noting.

Who was at fault for each sack against the Colts? -
The Jacksonville Jaguars gave up three sacks to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and when you break it down only two of those were on the offensive line. What’s even better is the running lanes were as wide as they have been since the preseason and the Jaguars gave up zero sacks in the most important stretch of the game — from the middle of the third quarter through the end of the game.

Give the Jaguars time -
There’s no question the Jaguars’ London fan base is growing. There are statistics to prove it, I’m sure, but I don’t care as much about those as the feeling I get from being in London and from interacting with Jaguars fans there. Most of the direct interaction I get is from those who attend the Union Jax party the Saturday before each Jaguars home game in London. The passion from those fans always has been off the charts, and the numbers have grown each year – perhaps not exponentially, but significantly